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This service usually takes about two weeks. Dyed orders cannot be returned due to the bespoke nature of the service. This service is specific to certain styles on our website. Unfortunately we are unable to offer this service to shoes purchased elsewhere as our fabrics are designed to allow the dye to take to the shoe.  Available on certain styles in our online store Browse now.

Shoes &  bags to dye for


House of Elegance

We offer a large selection of Bridal and Occasion shoes that we can custom dye  to match your outfits. We can offer this service on a selection of our shoes and bags.

Fashion House

Step 1: Select a dyeable shoe from our range on offer, try them on and purchase them.

Step 2: Choose your preferred colour or have your shoes dyed to match your outfit.  We then send your purchase to the colour studio where the colourist will hand dye your shoes to the colour of your choice.

This service enables you to create your very own unique shoes in your preferred style and colour.  Accessory matching has never been easier.